Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ninjump Dash - Real time multiplayer running game.

Ninjump Dash is a new game by Backflip studios, the creator of Dragon vale and Ninjump.  Ninjump Dash is a Mario Kart style multi-player racing where you try to beat other ninja's to the finish line while getting powerups to help you punish your opponents even more. One big difference with Mario Kart though was your not on a race track but on the roof of houses and other Japanese themed infrastructure... and you play as a ninja.

The game was very enjoyable especially since its multiplayer and you know that you are competing with other players in the world. There are different powerups in the game that you can randomly get from floating golden boxes during the race.

Rocket - Homing rocket that will follow the nearest opponent in front of you.
Shuriken - Basic projectile, will hit an opponent in front of you.
Punch box - A very annoying trap that will knock you back. If placed stragetically like in he corners of pit falls it will certainly ruin your race.
Slow Time - Slows down time for your opponents.
Portal - A very annoying powerup which switches position between you and the player who shot this annoying projectile. I was victimized by this several times, me running in first place when suddenly... BAM! I'm switched to 4th! #&@#(*!
Shield - Protects you from everything.
Speed up - Gives you a huge boost of speed for a few seconds. Very good powerup to have during start of the race.

The game also feature different cute costumes which you can buy with gold won in the race.

I highly recommend that you try this game out, it is a fun past time game if you are craving for a quick multiplayer action.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crazy Taxi: City Rush - Unlimited free gas

I remember playing Crazy Taxi when I was in college way back 2000. I played the game on my friends Dreamcast and was really hooked playing the game. The console version of the game is an open world where you can pick up and take passengers from anywhere in the map. The crazier you drive the more tips the passengers give you.

Now a mobile version of this super addicting game has been released and is now available on both iOS and Android.

If you have been playing the game for while like me, I bet you are also experiencing the same frustration that I have and that is the very limited amount of gas in the game. In Crazy Taxi: City Rush, you spend 1 unit of gas whenever you do a mission which extremely limits your game time. You can always refill your gas either by watching ads or spending gems in the game. Gems is the game's virtual currency and is very valuable. I rather spend my gems buying new taxi's rather than spending it to fill up my gas tank.

Anyway, in order for you to continue playing and refill your gas tank fast all you have to do is go to your phone settings and move your clock an hour or so to the future. Return to the game and BOOM! your gas tank is filled again!

You can do his over and over allowing you to play this great game to your heart content.

How cool is that! Now you wont have to use gems to fill up your gas tank and use them to buy more awesome taxi instead.

Hope this short trick helps anyone playing Crazy Taxi Rush!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Depth: Man Vs Shark game

Depth is a new PVP multiplayer game on Steam where you play either as a diver or a man eating 20ft Great White Shark.

In Depth there are two teams which consist of 2 great whites and 4 gold greedy divers fighting against each other. The objective of the divers is to gather the treasure found at the bottom of the sea and as a shark, your job is to stop the divers by killing them all off.

For the divers to gather gold, they need to protect a small robot named STEVE who drills into the safes in the wreckage, if STEVE is destroyed the game is over. Fortunately STEVE is no push over, rarely does the Sharks focus on destroying STEVE, most of the time Sharks lurks around killing divers. This pretty much sums up the gameplay.

Though the gameplay may seem simplistic, counter strike-ish and Call of Duty-ish with sharks, the overall atmosphere and unique feel of the game makes it up for it. The game  graphics are dark, eery and atmospheric. You can hardly see a thing out there being underwater and all. Under water objects and characters are very much detailed up close, but you may not be able to appreciate this all due to the fast gameplay. The game sound is also kept to a minimum with only heartbeat and beeps from radars and sonar, which really gives more tension into the game as your player heart beats gets stronger whenever there is a shark lurking near you and you don't know where it will attack.

You can buy better guns as the game progresses making it harder for sharks to attack forcing sharks to rely on stealth and team work to much the divers. You can play this game for hours and not be bored because you'll unlock some really useful stuff each time you level up.

Hopefully the developers behind the game adds more features and fun game modes to keep the game interesting. There is a lot of game modes that can be added in the game as the environment is unique as compared to other FPS. They can also add more shark species or even add a Megalodon VS humans and great whites! Imagine the divers and sharks teaming up to take down a HUGE ANCIENT MEGALODON MONSTER!

I highly recommend the game. The game offers a fun fast phased multiplayer action with very unique theme making it worth buying. Pick it up on steam now!

Earning my Volcanus in Guildwars 2

I recently started playing Guild Wars 2, a colleague of mine kept on pushing me to buy and play the game but since it is a bit costly to buy GW2 it took him like a few months before he got me convinced. Well he finally got me convinced when Arenanet put the game on 50% sale. So I decided to open up my wallet and check the game out.

At first I was like "ehh", the graphics are awesome, the quest are cool and events keeps me busy, but it still feels a little bland, the controls is a bit weird for me at first and the mechanic is not very familiar. But "ehh" slowly became "omg" when my friend started a party and played with me. I told him, I wanna fight giants! And behold he took me to this place where a huge giant is plowing away at the towns people. We fought it, I died and was resurrected a lot of times but after slaying the giant and after earning like 2 levels up worth of experience points, I became hooked.

And now here I am about to tell you guys how I earned my first AWESOME sword Volcanus.
First of all, Volcanus is not a LEGENDARY sword, but it is one of the AWESOMEST sword in the game. In my opinion it is even more cool looking than the most expensive sword in the game right now.

The sword looks extremely cool because of the animated flames that engulfs it. It is very noticeable, especially when your running around with it, as it leaves a cool fiery trail in the wind as you run.

Right now the sword cost around 520-540 gold on the trading post. 1 gold cost around costs $0.12 to buy through gems. So in order for you to buy the sword you have to buy around $64 worth of gems and exchange it with 530 gold to buy the sword from the Trading post. That my friends is a lot of money! The game only cost me around $20, so to buy the sword, its like buying 3 more copies of the game!

So buying with money route is a big NO for me. So what else can I do to obtain the sword? - Crafting.

Players who sells Volcanus in the Trading post crafted the sword themselves, however crafting the sword is not a walk in the park either. In order to craft Volcanus, you will need the following.

Vial of Liquid Flame
250 Ghost Pepper
100 Molten Lodestone
100 Destroyer Lodestone
1 Gift of Baelfire

1Eldritch Scroll
100 Mystic Coin
1Vial of Liquid Flame
250 Molten Lodestone

Most of these items are available in the Trading Post, but you will be spending more gold if you buy all the ingredients. So the cheapest option is to farm. Farming 350 Molten Lodestone is not a very easy feat! In my months of playing the game, I was only able to collect around 5 Molten Lodestone, and that is only one of the ingredients.

So what did I do? I earn and farm gold. My goal is to farm 20 gold/day. To earn my 20g I did the following.

This are dungeons that I'm most familiar with and fastest to run.

Citadel of Flame Path 1 - 1.5g
Citadel of Flame Path 2 - 1.5g
Ascalonian Catacombs Path 1 - 1.55g
Ascalonian Catacombs Path 2 - 1.55g
Ascalonian Catacombs Path 3 - 1.55g
Sorrows Embrace Path 1 - 1.5g
Twilight Arbor Path 1 - 1.5g

Dungeon Gold: 10.65G
- All loot 3 silver up is sold on TP.
- All rares are salvaged for ecto which cost a lot and trades fast on TP.

World Bosses
I don't have enough game time everyday to do all the bosses so I just pick the boss that gives more rewards vs time.
Shadow Behemoth - not much wait time, fast to kill
Jungle Wurm - extra stuff from champion and fast to kill
Shatterer - no sweat dragon boss.
Svanir Shaman - easy and fast to kill
Fire Elemental - takes a bit of waiting time but worth it especially if some dude has a key for more loots.
Karka Queen - Easy kill with expensive loots
Teqtl the Sunless - Easy if the map is organized, lots of good stuff from this boss.

You will get around 4g from World Bosses and a lot more from the loots.

After doing all this for 3 weeks I was able to save around 380 gold. Then I bought exotics from the dungeon traders and salvaged them all for more ectos and if lucky you will get insignias that can be sold to around 2g each.

Then the Halloween patch came and I farmed Treat or Trick bags, candy corns and lots of loots like crazy. I did not exchange open my bags. I sold them all! During that time 1 bag is sold for around 7.6 silver each. 250 bags is very easy to farm and you can get 20gold easy for an hour of farming.

When I have around 420 gold I sold all my ectos and other bank items and was able to get around 115 gold for it. Finally I have 535gold! Enough to buy my own Volcanus, which is sold during that time for 519gold. I went to TP and got my sword. It felt soooo goood!

 Here's my Warrior with the sword.

It took me around 3 weeks and 2 days to get my own Volcanus. I spent around 4 hours playin the game, like 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours before going to bed. Its been a long wait, but its all worth it! 

Look at my Warrior all happy and proud with his new sword.

It may have felt sweeter if I crafted the item from scratch but I prefer it this way. Doesn't take a lot of time and its well worth it.