Saturday, October 20, 2007

Disorderly Review - Newgrounds

Disorderly, a game from is a very interesting game, the concept is not very original... in someway or another but the concept is brutal!

Disorderly is a Janitor working on the home for the aged, he was summoned by his manager and was told to do the unforgivebable for a chance of being promoted..

The object of the game is very simple, BEAT UP EVERY OLD PEOPLE AROUND YOU! well you really have to beat them up and there's no room for mercy since all of them have fighting techniques to dice you to pieces.

Here are my review for this game.

Gameplay 7/10

The smooth and funny animation is a plus for this game but the downside is the controls, punching the enemies does not seem effective since they can still harm you even if they are getting hit. There are many funny actions that Disorderly can do, like pickup an old man and whack the other old people with him, he also have a power move but you cant use it often because it will drain your energy.

Sound 5/10

Generic whak!, Phak sounds although the background music is ok, its not that good to bring out the hype in the game.

Addiction level 6/10

If you really love whacking old people or you think of your old math teacher while playing this game, then this game will be very addicting for you, but if you don't applaud such behavior and you dont like the object of the game itself then its a different story.

Overall 6/10

This game may show quality in animation but the gameplay pulls most of it down, the theme may not be suitable for young children and some adults as well.

Play dissorderly here.

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