Saturday, October 20, 2007

First day in the blog world

After reading much about the power of blogging when it comes to web advertising, it struck me... by the way, my name is Ann Lucas Winters of San Diego California and this is my first blog. Been working for a some guy/company in San Fran as a freelance web developer and now I created my first project..

The Ultimate Flash Game Archive website. Its a baby project so I have a bit number of games for now, but I'm updating everyday so expect it to blow into a real flash game archive.

So why am I interested in gaming?

May are asking me this question since most people see that guys= gaming and not girls... another one of those stereotype thinking. This has got to stop coz like me I love games so much that Im pretty much addicted to it that I made my own archive. Gaming for me is like escape from reality, I do play MMORPGS I'll tell you more about it in my other post but right now I'm focusing on cute and kickass flash games that are developed by geeky groups out there winks*** I love you guys!

I'm thinking of posting game reviews here even reviews on other game platforms not just flash games. Right now my only gaming console here is a Sony PS2 and I love every bit of it.

So let the blogging begin!

Visit see yah guys!

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