Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gold Miner Game Review

Im currently adding more games to and while in the process of uploading games here I'm blogging... its pretty fun actually... when blogging while waiting for your upload to finish..

First I like you guys to check out this game...

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A very simple game about some old guy pulling out gold from under the ground, It may look lame but once you start playing the game you will surely be "hooked". Powerups can be bought from a mexican that can help you once per stage. I suggest saving your money though and just buy the bottle with xxx label on it, if you want to reach the higher levels.

This is how I rate this flash game

Game Play 8/10

A very basic and easy to get hang-to game play, theres no need to read through tons of instructions all you have to do is look at the instruction in a glance and play away! Very easy to understand, you have to beat the gold requirement at every stage and do your best to collect as much gold as possible within the time limit.

Sound 4/10

This is the only part that I hate about this game is that it does not have sound effects that will capture you, I like eary background music since its a mining cave, the sound effects whenever you got a hold of stuffs is good but I think its better if they have a different sound effect whenever you hooked a diamond and a large chunk of gold.

Addiction level 9/10

you can never have enough gold! and youll play this game over and over again till your satisfied.

Overall 7/10

This game fun and addicting, its not gory or anything so anyone in your home can play it.

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