Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The House

First of all Happy Halloween to all you chumps out there! The day of spooky and cuteness, where kids roam the streets in cute "scary" costumes for trick or treat.

This Halloween the game I would like you guys to try is The House, this game was released about a few years ago and for those who already tried it, this is the time of the year to play it again, and for those who havent played it... I highly recommend that you play this game. Actually I INSISTS that you play this game!

The House is a click-on-objects kind of game, not much interaction but the graphics, environment and the sounds really makes up for it. The main goal of the game is to find a way to exit the house by going through different rooms, each with different story to tell and surprises to present.

Heres my review for this game.

Gameplay 6/10
Not much score on gameplay coz theres not much interactivity in the game, you dont have to do anything but click... think.. click... when your lost try clicking everything.. just click click click.. I think that way youll be more focused on whats happening on screen rather that focus on other things.

Sound 10/10
Cant help myself, I just have to give this game a perfect score when it comes to the sounds... the effects are well timed, the background music is well blended with the environment and the situation... and the Ump! was very well used.

Addiction Level 5/10
Why 5/10?? maybe its just a personal prefference but how can I get addicted to a game so frickin scary?? The game is so great that I wont get addicted to it, but I'll share it to everyone. I only played this game a couple of times... got too scared to continue on my first try so I played it a couple more just to finish the entire game.

Overall 7/10
The ratings I gave the game is unfair... I know but Im just telling on my personal preference.. the game is so amazingly scary that I cant give it a high addiction rating, all you have to do is click so I cant give a higher gameplay rating, the sounds used in the game are fantastic so I gave it a perfect score.. the overall theme is 10 if I have the rating... But still I highly recommend this game, just a reminder... this game is not for the weak... like me hehehe.

For best playing experience, play alone, shut the lights, max your speaker volume... and play the game..


Play it here http://www.ultimateflashgame.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=269&Itemid=1

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