Monday, October 22, 2007

Zombie Horde

Stayed late the other night because of playing Zombie Horde. The game is a basic shooting game where you kill zombies that are going to get a bite out of you. What made me stayed late playing this game is that the game offers various weapons upgrade which are expensive making it difficult to try everything in one go at the game.

And I think you need to have enough experience playing this game to get much from it and I love the challenge.

The only downside that I found is that at certain levels where tons of enemies are walking around, the game slows down. Its ok if it slows down but you can still shoot, but when it slows down your aiming becomes sloppy. They included an option to lower the game resolution but it doesnt seem to work in some level.

But aside from this flaw, this game ROCKS - now I have eyebags to take care of. I'll play this game again later I wanna try having the decapitator as a weapon.

Click here to play zombie horde.

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