Monday, November 5, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics - War of the Lions

For those who onced owned a Playstation console back in 98 then this game should be familiar to you, if not maybe youre of the gamers who prefer hackslash action packed game. Anyway, Final Fantasy tactics was first introduced to me by accident, I asked a friend of mine to look for a Final Fantasy 7 Disc 4 - rumor has it that its been sold around and it features interesting information about FF7 including videos of all limit breaks, ultimate weapons and most of all a guide on how to avoid the death of Aeris (making the disc a huge rumor). When my friend came back from shopping, she gave me the disc and found out thats its a Final Fantasy game, but not related whatsoever to Final Fantasy 7.

This started my journey to the Land of Ivalice and now, Square Enix is releasing this title again for the PSP. For those who are not familiar with the story heres a brief runover. The story takes place in the fictional kingdom of Ivalice, a country where castles and forts are the stronghold of nobles, the church is a powerful religious and political entity, and warring factions fight for dominance over the land. The sudden death of the king, whose heir is only an infant rose problems to the kingdom. A regent is needed to rule in place of the prince and because of this the kingdom is split between the Black Lion - Prince Goltana, and the White Lion - Prince Larg. Thus starting the conflict in the game that is called the Lion War.

Behind this plot a revelation by the game's historian Alazlam J. Durai, who seeks to reveal the story of an unknown character whose role in the Lion War was major but was covered up by the kingdom's church. The setting is based around this character, named by default as Ramza, and revolves around his early life and the future conflicts he faced while the events that changed the kingdom unfold... and these events I will not reveal.

The plot seems confusing at first escpecially for those players who don't bother to read the dialouges, just bashing the keys to continue fighting. The PSP version War of the Lions makes the characters and the story of this game come to life in all-new fully animated sequences that combines hand-drawn animation and computer graphics. Full voice overs for the english version of the game adds a new flavor to the game.

Gameplay enhancements such as new jobs to choose, new characters and english translations will surely grab your precious attention. War of the Lions also
features a way for you and your friends to experience Final Fantasy Tactics together with its new all-new multiplayer function or team up in the all-new co-operative mode where you can play head to head battles againts your friends or try to battle advanced AI opponents.

All in all, the game is a must play not only even for those who have played the Final Fantasy Tactics console version. With its beautifully animated cutscenes, new jobs and multiplayer experience you can submerge yourself to the land of Ivalice again and get the gaming satisfaction you deserve.

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