Thursday, November 1, 2007

Final Fantasy XIII

The very first installment of Final Fantasy in the new Playstation 3, I played Final Fantasy XII on my Playstation 2 but like most FF fans, I hated it... for several reasons like gameplay, character development... if its not a Final Fantasy game, I would probably loved it but since I'm looking forward to a FF that follows the FF gameplay genre I hated it.

Now Im hoping big time that Final Fantasay XIII wont dissapoint me, like many FF fans, we want the classic turn base ATB fighting style. Maybe they can have the monsters crawling about but when engaged in battle I want to have it "staged" based or if its possible return the the materia concept.

According to during the press conference preview of FFXIII the battle system kinda look like the one on the picture, it seems... I dunno.. maybe a few controls and the character will do something on screen but does not seem to be staged based but realtime battle style, but with a twist. The main character of FFXIII is a girl (yey!) armed with pistols that can turn into a dagger.

The video trailer of FFXIII excites me alot, the battle system looks like a fast control based system where you enter the actions and the characters will do it around the screen in an action packed cinematic kinda way. Very cool actually! If the actual final game moves as quickly as was shown in the trailer, and with as many dramatic camera angles, we're in for a treat when it comes to FFXIII's combat and in-game graphics.

You can checkout the video here the trailer is really short, makes me crave for more but its worth the watch!

From the trailer we can already tell that we are in for something tremedously exciting, for those who still doesnt own a PS3 I think FXIII is a very good reason to start scratching your credit cards :) . SquareEnix really keep on the hype by giving only bits and pieces of info regarding the game, damnit the excitement is making me crazy!!! Millions of fans are waiting for its official release and I bet once released, we can see another huge step in the advancement of gaming revolution.

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