Monday, November 12, 2007

How many times did you play Final Fantasy 7?

Final Fantasy 7 is the first installment of the Final Fantasy Series in Sony Playstation. A huge leap in terms of graphics, sounds and gameplay but still retaining important elements in the game. Final Fantasy 7 is the first PS game that span up to 3 disc making the game a long and unforgettable journey.

So we all know that the game really rocks and for all the RPG fans out there, playing FF7 makes the passion of playing RPG's stronger. So if thats how big of a fan you are to the game, how many times did you play it? I personally played this game 5 times, everygame is enjoyable and in everygame I discover something. During those days, I never check the internet for FAQs and game help guides so every part of the game is a mystery.

The first time I finished the game, I was not able to defeat the WEAPONS and I don't have the Ultima sword and Knights of the Round and other summoning materias. I finished the game with my characters only at level 70's making the final battle with Sepiroth a real challenge. So after the game some of my friends told me that theres a Golden chocobo in the game and other stuffs. So I played the game again this time walking on every corners looking for things that I might have missed, and do I missed alot of things.

This time I got most weapons and items that I was not able to acquire during my first run on the game... but I feel something is still missing.. the fact that I havent defeated the WEAPONS yet is enough to make me think. So I played the game again, this time I discovered that you can create master materia's in Bugenhagens laboratory. So I created every master materia that is available in the game till all my main characters have each one on them (I really dont need to equip all of them, only 3 are allowed to fight anyway.) So there I finished the game again... then the reason I played the game for another 2 tries is this...


This damn rumor really got me! I havent checked the internet for the possibility that the information I heard was incorrect, I just become so excited that Aeris can be brought to life, and all you have to do is be nice to her and not TIfa, have her in your party, collect several items and other stuffs.

I really thought the rumor was real because I got Aeris's final limit break and her ultimate weapon... why would they put this items in the game if no-one will use it? So I played the game again, reached level 99 at the start of disc , been nice to Aeris all the way collected the items.... went to the Ancient forest... and there... Aeris was killed... the rumor stated that Tifa would be the one killed in there instead of Aeris... dissapointed at that point but the love of the game still got me going, defeated all the WEAPONS this time, especially RUBY the hardest one I ever fought till I accidentally cast Hades and found him frozen for a bit of time.

Finished the game again and then heard another rumor... the rumor that there's another way to revive Aeris... so I played the game again! I really enjoyed playing it coz what I do is level up my characters so early in the game that most bosses that are stinking hard before become cheesecakes. Especially if you unleash meteor storm or Ungarmax at early bosses.

This time I spent lots and lots of hours in Golden Saucer playing the games that give items that will revive Aeris, collected all small soldiers I can find in Junon before the Junon disaster I really don't know the significance of these items but I enjoyed collecting them so... no problem!

So there, reached the ancient forest again and wham! Aeris died, I love the scene where the materia (which I tried locating after the scene even though its clear that it was under that lake) bounced on the pillars... la la la la la la la la la la la la la... (BG music). I liked it so much that I'm not sick of watching it, the background music always affects me - tears during the first time I played now just a whimper of sadness... (because Aeris died - even after everything I done).

After the final failure I finally told myself that Aeris was not meant to be revived, so start playing Xenogears and move on!! So I unpacked my Xenogears CD and thats another story...

I really love RPG...

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