Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is Diablo III ever coming out?

We all love playing Diablo on our computers, it is one of those games that cuts deeply into our gaming soul. With a not-so-complicated gameplay and immersive storyline Blizzard's Diablo franchise surely did a good job. When Diablo III was released years ago, I spent nights of playing, I got so addicted to the game that I finished the game with every character then comes the Diablo II expansion - though the characters included was not that exiciting, still I became addicted to it. Then like rain, the addiction suddenly disappeared.

Now there are alot of rumors in the net the Diablo III will be realeased this November I was looking forward for it but it looks like that it's still a rumor. It's alread mid-november and no advertisement whatsoever are seen about the future release of the game. If Blizzard is really creating Diablo III why don't they give any announcement that they are doing it? Maybe its because of the Star Craft II hype. I doubt that Blizzard will shove 2 great games up our addictive butts in the same year, that'll drastically divide the market.

I read that rumors bout the development of Diablo III are realted from job postings on Blizzard's page, saying that they are looking for four new employees: Art Director, Lead 3D Environment Artist, Lead 3D Character Artist, Lead 3D Character Animator. Each post beings with "The team behind Diablo I and II is looking for a ... to work on an unannounced PC Project." So speculations about the development of Diablo III arises, so if they are really developing Diablo III why do they need to hire a new Art Director, Lead 3D enviroment Artist and other lead positions? Where do the leads positions of Diablo II went?

Some say that all of the orginal team that worked for Blizzard / Blizzard North left and formed Flagship Studio's, the makers of Hellgate London. Well Hellgate London pretty seems like a good looking Diablo clone... so if Diablo III are really to be realeased... kind of game enchancements would they comeup with? If they turn Diablo III into an MMORPG... well maybe it'll rock but I won't they just end up like the copy of Hellgate London? (without the bugs I hope). But this is a long shot, Blizzard is still up their asses with WoW so realeasing a new MMORPG will really complicate things for them.

Some rumors also states that D3's story will be in heaven, coz Hell directly invades heaven so instead of travelling across the land, you'll be doing the adventure in heaven... now thats promising, I wonder what will heaven look like in Blizzard's eye. All I can imagine are clouds and furry cute animals. If its MMORPG then we already have 3 worlds: Heaven, Human World and Hell cool isnt it?

Well as for now all of these are rumors, if there's no official announcement from Blizzard then everything that comes out will automatically be a rumor... But god its already what?? 6-7 years? The long wait is driving Diablo fans crazy that they're starting to have girlfriends, new peers and a life! LOL!

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