Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kon's Big Trouble - for all the Bleach fans out there!

Another game by Ultimate Flash Game Archive - this is a tribute for all Bleach fans out there! Kon's Big Trouble is a fast phased shooting game where you control Ichigo and throw your sword at Kon. The object of the game is to reach your goal score by whacking Kon as he pops out around the area of the game screen.

Kon is not the only modified soul in the game though, Ririn, Noba and Kuroud each appearing as the game progresses. You need to reach a certain goal score within 60 seconds in the game to progress to the next level, so if you miss often chances are you will not have enough score till you run out of time. The game offers several ways to score big, and each mods have different score when you shoot them.

1. Kon = 10 pts.
2. Ririn = 50 pts.
3. Kuroud = 100 pts.
4. Noba = 200 pts.

Mods with bigger points like Noba and Kuroud appear a little less than Kon and Ririn so if they appear, make sure that you shoot them to earn big points. Kuroud from time to time flies above, and Noba appear by opening portals at several places on the stage. So if you heard the portal opening, look for Noba coz he is worth 200 pts!

Another way to earn points is to do chain attacks. You can perform chain attacks by consecutively attacking a mod without missing. The longer the chain, the higher the chain attack bonus.

3 consecutive attacks + 50pts. -- Good!
5 consecutive attacks + 100 pts. -- Great!
8 consecutive attacks + 150 pts. -- Excellent!

As the game progresses the goal score becomes higher so make sure that you stock lots of points earlier in the stage so you would not have a hard time coping up.

The sounds used in the game are parts of Bleach official sound track like Comical World and Enemies unseen.

So try out the game and tell me what you think about it, you can play it here

Kon's Big Trouble

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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