Monday, November 5, 2007

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

A treat for comic book fanatics, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a must have for comic book readers and pure gamers alike. If you've played Spider Man Separation anxiety in SNES before then youll surely know how it feels like to have the craving to control more super heroes. Most comic book hero have their own video game, where you can only control 1 or 2 characters for the whole length of the game, though enjoyable, the crave of controlling more characters will still haunt a player and this thirst my friends was quenched by Raven Software, the makers of Xmen Legend, a diablo style game that is focuses on the adventures of our mutant friends.

Now comes Marvel Ultimate Alliance, with over 20 unique playable heroes with unique fighting ablities, special skills and killer moves, not to mention the hidden extras. This game is the biggest piece of Marvel Super Heroes blowout ever released. The game starts with Dr. Doom bringing together a group of supervillains called the Masters of Evil, their mission - to attack the S.H.I.E.LD. Obviously, a group of superheroes was formed by S.H.I.E.LD to help them out, lead by Nick Fury the team's coordinator, he takes command of the objectives the superheroes are to embark into.

Talking about supervillains, the number of supervillains in this game is outstanding! Enemies like Galactus, Mephisto, the Mandarin and Rhino.. they even include other villains like Black Heart, M.O.D.O.K and more! Youll never know who to face in this game making every mission exciting.

Lets now go to the list of heroes. Ultimate Alliance consists of Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, and Wolverine at the start of the game. Other playable characters are hidden in shadow which will be unlocked during the course of the story. Heroes like the complete heroes of Fantastic 4, Iron Man, some X-men characters and some heroes who maybe familiar to you coz they play a bit of roles on comic book stories like Spider Woman or Luke Cage... You can even play as Deadpool in this game, not only that you can also play as Ghost Rider and Blade! Seems like the list never ends eh?!

The gameplay is fairly simple, you command a group of four superheroes - YES FOUR! and fight your way through enemies, gaining experience and level while fighting thus gaining new abilities for you to use. This part is where I love this game, the abilities are not given to you right-on, you have to level your character for a bit to gain them. Making the game not repetitive... imagine having tons of characters to choose from with different abilities that you can pull out... commanding 4 at a time meaning you can choose the mix of characters you like.. like play as the Fantastic 4 team, or play as an all girls hero team something like that!

You can choose to automate your other characters if the fight gets too heavy, you can specify if you like them to act like a team player or a crazy war freak maniac. Its not all button smashing kinda game play, there are some objects in the game that you can carry and throw at your enemies, you can use your special skills and you can also do positive buffs to your team.

This game is a real must have for all of you gamers out there and I really recommend this game. But be warned, this game was not created without cheats, and you can surely cheat this game. A word of advice, never cheat this game until you played and finished it once... playing this game with cheats will make it dull and unentertaining... this goes for all the games out there.

So grab this game now and start having fun with tons of your Marvel superheroes friends!

Lets just pray that there will be a DC-Marvel Mega Ultimate Alliance in the near future, that will be really awesome!

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