Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Top 10 video game characters

It's been haunting my mind lately in fact its bothering me, after visiting gamefaqs the other day, I saw that in one bracket of the character battle, the vote contestants were Solid Snake, L-Block, Sonic the Hedgehog, Squall Leonhart so I vote for Squall Leonhart coz he's cute and he is one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters... Then I checked the results and guess what... The leading character is the L-block!! for those who are not familiar what an L block is, it’s a piece of block in the tetris game, here play tetris and look for a block that is L shaped.

My god, that piece of ... thing beat Squall! Now why is it? Maybe it’s a fad or something, maybe because it’s funny... So I've been thinking... who are the best characters that I played? In all the characters I played... who is number one? So I came up a list of my top 10 video game character.

10. Chun-li - Even though I'm not really an avid fan of fighting game, I see Chun-li as the idol of many girl fighters out there. She's pretty and the only girl in the first release of street fighter. Kicking Ryu and Ken's butts, girl power!

09. Gokou - Why is he on the list? Simple, dragon ball Z games = Gokou! Any DBZ games Gokou is the main character. Maybe I'll create a game where Vegeta is the hero.

08. Donkey Kong – Loved the Donkey Kong adventure games in SNES, this popular Gorilla knows the moves. Not only as the hero, has he also played as the villain in classic games like the Mario barrel jumping game. Play it here

07. Rockman/Megaman - Kicking robotic butts is his game; I just can't understand why he can’t finish of Dr.Willy? That old evil inventor should have rheumatism after the first two games. But he's a lovable character nonetheless a blue little hero at first and as the video game industry involved turns into a bigger blue hero  with detailed body aesthetics.

06. Mog - if you are an avid final fantasy fan then you’ll know why I picked him. It’s because he is only final fantasy character that traversed the through the FF generation. Aside from being cute and funny looking, the mog always important roles in the game, they sell stuff or even fight with you. The only mog rendition I hated was the mogs in Final Fantasy XII my god I hated them, they looked like aliens!

05. Sonic – very fast, very agile the mascot of Zega, this cute character always makes my computer screen move so fast that it makes me feel a bit dizzy, like being in a roller coaster ride. Sonic can even turn himself to Super Sonic (Super Saiyajin Sonic) Where all the hair in this body turns yellow and spiky… seems familiar eh?

04. Vincent Valentine - This mysterious dude captured my heart in the Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children. He just looks so fantastic and the way he talks and fights… awesome. Been experimented by Hojo, his DNA was altered to an extent that he can change his being from human to monsters, thus giving him more power. He never aged because the experiment, 2 7 in look but 60 in actual age count.

03. Mario – the epic character Mario, he is considered to be the most famous character in video game history. Mario appeared in more than a hundred game of different genre racing games, puzzle games, role-playing games, fighting games, sports games, and many others. First appearing in Donkey Kong and later in his own Mario Bros game.

02. Rinoa Heartilly - Outspoken, spirited, emotional, and honest with her feelings, she speaks her mind without reservation. (Wikipedia) She’s was designed as cute not gorgeous making her even more likable. She’s the love interest of Squall Leonhart the protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, a jolly girl who’s not easily offended by Squall’s shady moods. Aside from being cute, she’s also strong, being a member of a resistance group in Timber and was often referred as the princess.

01. Sephiroth – Now why is Sephiroth the number one character, not Cloud or Squall or other great guys out there… Simple.. Sephiroth in my opinion is the ultimate villain. We know that like all villains, he seek to end all humanity but unlike many villain Sephiroth started out as a cool and kind member of SOLDIER until he found out something that made him lose his senses. Sephiroth is also a villain that doesn’t need others, he don’t have an army or a troop to aid him in his plans and that’s very cool, so I picked him as the number 1 video game character that I played.

So that’s it, as you can see I’m a big Final Fantasy Fan so most of the characters I picked was from the Final Fantasy Game, especially Final Fantasy 7.

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