Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sniper Assasin

Sniper Assasin is the first game developed for Ultimate Flash Game Archive (http://www.ultimateflashgame.com). It is a flash based strategic shooting game that follows a certain plot.

The game starts with a mission to kill a certain Mr.Johnson, CEO of the largest textile company in the US. Apart from the texttile business the company also is the biggest distributor of cocaine in the world, thus making him the target of killing.

The gameplay is simple, the object of the game is to shoot a target on screen before the target leaves the area and without shooting any civilian casualties. The mission will fail depending on mission conditions, some mission requires you to shoot only a specific target from a bunch of people walking around, eliminate guards before they sound the alarm etc.

So its basically a good idea to read the briefing first before starting a mission. Or if you are too lazy to read the briefing, you can still find clues to your target via the mission notes on the lower part of the game screen.

The game is still under development, only 6 stages are available as of the moment but as the days progresses new installments for this game will be available for playing.

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