Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Simple but addicting online game

If you are looking for a game to quench your office or home boredome, then I got a great game for you. The title of the game is Pacxon, sound familiar? Yeah coz its another pacman rendition but with a beautiful twist from the original pacman gameplay.

The object of the game is simple, move pacman around the stage and avoid the ghosties, as you pass through the empty space you leave a trail of blocks, all you have to do is to cover 75% of the empty space with these blue blocks.

You can do it line by line. But will take you ages to cover the space...

You can do it by chunks - ideally. To cover blocks by chunks make sure that you cover an area without any ghosties occupying it.

Powerups are also available to enhance the gameplay.

1. Giant Pill - Ghost will become scared of you because you can devour them.

2. Cherry - This will boost your speed so you could pass from wall to wall faster... but this powerup can also bring you to your doom coz pacman became harder to control coz he's faster.

3. Banana - Ghost will move slower.

4. Icepop - All ghost freezes for a while so you could do everything you want.

There are also different types of ghost that appears as you go on higher stages.

1. Simple wandering ghosties

2. Ghosties that can go trough walls.

3. Ghosties that eats blocks.

4. Ghosties that moves around the block line.

The game is addicting coz everystage more ghosties are added, more types of ghosties show up making it harder to fillup spaces.

The controls is also basic, Up Down Left Right arrow keys, thats it! So if youre bored, tryout this game!

Click here to play Pacxon

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