Monday, January 21, 2008

Faith Fighter

Faith Fighter is a fighting game developed by Molleindustria. The game depicts the Gods of different religions each having their own special moves to dish out at other gods. The game can be controversial in a way that the image of the gods and how they use their powers are from the imagery of the game developers.

The game is not intended to be offensive towards religions in particular. The developers of Faith fighters aim is to push the gamers to reflect on how religions are often instrumentally used to justify conflicts.

The game itself is not bad, although the music seems repetitive, the animation and special moves are done pretty well. I also love how the background gets destroyed whenever a character performs his special move or it gets crushed by the a fallen character. You can choose to play as God, Jesus, Buddha, Buddai, Ganesha or Muhammad. The special moves of each characters are performed before every fight so you dont have to write down the moves list.

Play this free game here

I give this game a score 8/10 for graphics, gameplay and theme.

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