Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A good game for RPG lovers out there!

RPG GAMERS! this is the online game for you! if you like turnbase style of combat then you will surely love this game! I've been leveling my character like crazy at first I tought my hero was too strong but it turns out that this game really packs a challenge! the skills and AI abilities are great too! Lots of skills and items and stuffs!

The game is called Sonny, the name of our hero. A man turned zombie like in a ship. The game is developed by Armor Games with good looking skills and items but short storyline.

There are lots of skills in the game and its up to you on what skill you want to learn and master. Depending on your job and how your stat points are distributed. You can either pick skills for high str characters, magic for characters with high magic attribute and so on.

Right now my Guardian is at level 14, still a long way to go coz I met a paladin in the game that whaks 1800 damage and mine was only a measly 200! this game is promising! im addicted to it!

Though the story mode seems short, you can still continue playing and leveling your characters and defeating hard bosses at the final location in the game.

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