Monday, January 7, 2008

War Rock - a rocking FPS

A mixture of MMORPG and Counterstrike this new FPS (First Person Shooter) game now currently in its Beta Stage will surely capture your attention. As a fond counterstrike player this game rules not only because it has the counterstrike feel on it the MMORPG side of it makes it more exciting.

Map Design I give this an 8/10, maps are rendered beautifully, hiding places, open areas and choke points are well placed. You can never get lost even when you’re playing in huge maps and map details although not that great but I guess its ok.

Player design an average 6/10. Although maps are rendered beautifully, characters looks average, there's always a girl medic, Engineers are next to useless and heavy weapon infantries looks scary but nonetheless they’re not. Snipers and Assault infantries seems like the main characters in the game, some use medics not because they want to assist other players but because medics can heal themselves in the middle of combat.

I don’t know if it’s a flaw but when a player died the bones in their body seems to evaporate, you can see dead players in very awkward position (back of the head touching the soles of the feet), and if you died and fell from a high terrain like a hill for example you’ll find your player rolling like it’s made out of rubber.

Game play I give it an 8/10, I really like the way players roll forward and back then shoots at its enemies like in the movies. It’s also a good thing that they add a stamina bar to control these actions, or players will end-up rolling from point A to point B, the stamina bar also prevents players from bunny hopping. Shooting accuracy is good, but becomes flawed because of the constant server lag which is one of the problems that this game faces. You can see players’ teleporting from one point to another because of lag, and you can also find yourself dead even though no one seems around- just because the player that killed you already left your view.

Spectacular Vehicles – the ability to drive around in motorcycles, tanks, military jeeps, helicopter and jets really gave this game added enjoyment. You can drive your jeep to the enemy base and have a designated shooter blast away at your enemies using the jeep’s machine gun, or waste your enemies with cannons. Driving the vehicles is easy, ASWD to move and mouse to position the view. Some a bit complicated like the helicopter.

Player Leveling – another cool feature that this game have is that your player levels as you kill other players and win games (giving it the MMORPG feel with no quest...). You also win Dinar (money) which you can use to rent – yes rent ammunition for a specific timeframe. The game is also free to play with options to purchase stuffs if you want an edge over your enemies. But for now the leveling only takes you up to that point where your rank goes higher and you are rewarded with money. I think it’s a really good idea if they include weapons exclusive for high ranking players, or vehicles that can only be driven by high rank players, this way players can look up into leveling their characters.

Sound 7/10 – nothing spectacular about the sounds, but I like the sound of chaos when gunfire and vehicle cannons are fired everywhere.

Overall the game is promising but because it’s still in its beta stage expects numerous in game bugs, the game already have a huge community so finding a game room is easy and best of all the game is FREE FOREVER so this is a good game for people with low budget but in need of a good game to satisfy their thirst for entertainment.

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