Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baruto - A very original ninja!

A new action game by Ultimate Flash Game Archive entitled Baruto - A very original ninja! The game was entitled Baruto for the main reason that it was a ninja themed game. A simple game about a Ninja trapped in a place where shadow creatures appears during the night... unfortunately for him nightfall came during his travels and now he was forced to fight for his life.

The object of the game is to survive the night while bashing countless of shadows that attacks you. But the hero is no push-over, he is well equipped with the knowledge of jinjutsu, he can teleport away from trouble, throw kunai and shurikens and dissembowel his enemies with combo punches. Not only that he can also unleash strong Jutsu techniques like wall of thorns, fire bursts and shadow dragon.

The game is still in its beta stages and improvements are being done, from reviews given by players around the globe.

So if you have any suggestions to make this game better, and if you have ideas for gameplay or new jutsu techniques, just comment on this post and we'll try to add your suggestion in the game and make sure that you are credited for it.

Click here to play this free game.

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