Thursday, February 28, 2008

A simple yet addicting game - Sheepy

Thinking of a good game concept is not easy, sometimes you think of a game that seems cool but when you started making it and present it to the public - all the flaws that make it suck comes out. But there are some games that stands-out not because of its cool graphics and stuff, but because of its simplicity and uniqueness.

Sheepy - a new game sponsored by Armor Games is a sample of a simple game, with simple concept but has that addicting receipe in it.

Gameplay is easy, all you have to do is count the sheeps as they jump over the fence, pop out at the sides of the game screen and fly pass the skies and at the end of each round you have to enter the exact number of sheeps that shows up.

Seems too easy? well at first it seems easy but as you go further through levels and sheeps started jumping out from everywhere then you'll really feel the challenge. But its not as simple as adding sheeps to the count, coz if a black sheep happens to show up you need to subtract 1 to the total number of white sheeps.

So if 30 white sheeps pops out and 5 black sheeps shows up the total number of sheeps that you'll enter at the end of the round is 25. Each time you entered the wrong sheep count, your "snooze" meter falls down and if it falls to the red line, its game over.

Every three levels, the uncertainty pod shows up, this pod is like a slot machine game where youll either get a power up or something that will make the next level harder.

The sound is cute that well fits the game. The sound does not distract you on counting and is quite enjoyable. Nothing too flashy, no boings and stuff.

So if you guys are looking for a stress relieving game then Sheepy is a perfect game for you. Just dont let yourself fall asleep as you count the sheeps ok.

You can play this free game here: Play Sheepy Now!

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