Friday, February 1, 2008

Spin the Black Circle

Another puzzle game that seems easy at first but you'll eventually find out that the experience you gained playing the lower levels arent very much of help on the later levels.

This challenging game is created by Alejandro Guillen - the object of the game is pretty simple, all you have to do is reach the exit portal, to do this you must rotate the whole maze clockwise or counter clockwise to move the ball to the exit.

Easy? I dont think so, coz if its easy this game will suck, during my first try my ball exploded 3 several times just because I havent got the hang of how fast I need to rotate the maze. The more I play the more complicated the maze gets, more spikes, sharper corners and more stuff to annoy you.

The game play is basic - Left Arrow key to rotate to the left, Right Arrow key to rotate to the right.. thats pretty much it.

Just a quick note, you might get a bit dizzy from playing this game too long, I myself need to stop for a few minutes or get a breath of fresh air before continuing.

Try it! Click here to play Spin the Black Circle

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