Friday, February 8, 2008

Test your patience with this game...

We love playing platform games because of the simplicity of gameplay and challenges it gives per level. However what if you play a platform game that is designed to test the limit of your patience?

Well Eggys Games developed this new game entitled "The unfair platformer" and yep, just like the title states the game is really unfair! well basically I find the game "fair" its just the amounts of traps the game has will really tick you off.

7/10 for game play - basic, move forward, backward and jump... move over platforms and stuff the only thing that changes is that in this game dying numerous times is normal.

3/10 for the story - I really dont know if the game has a plot, coz I stopped playing the game after dying over 30 times just to get to the 3rd stage.

1/10 sound - aww the background music really hurts as the game progresses - they should have included a mute button somewhere coz the gameplay is already irritating so please dont let our ears suffer as well!

Overall 6/10 - the game is fun and frustrating, although the score is not that high I still recommend this game. Try playing the game till you dont want to play platform games anymore!

You can play this free game here.

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