Sunday, March 16, 2008

Astro Attack

A new game by, the object of the game is to defend Mars againts alien invaders. Similar to most invasion game, you have to prevent enemies from reaching your base, your HP bar drops down as more enemies invades your planet, when it reaches 0, its game over.

Your defenses are based on two battle stations that slowly orbits around Mars shooting 4 missiles at a time. Sounds easy? well you got to play it to experience its challenging aspect... as you can see, not only are you fighting againts the 70 waves of alien invaders, but you also have to take into consideration the gravitational pull of the planet, sounds confusing? Well unlike other defence shooters where you can shoot at your enemies easily coz your bullets just moves on a straight path towards your target, in this game, your missiles are affected by the planet's gravity thus making your projectiles curve. So aiming directly on your enemy wont help coz you have to take into consideration the "curves".

The first few levels of the game are easy, but it gets harder when the fast ships arrived. By the time I got to higher levels, aiming becomes less of an option for me, I began shooting missles everywhere in hopes that some of them hits an enemy. The sound effects used in the game are ok, not that grand but it personally works for me.

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