Monday, April 14, 2008

Cute Racing Racoons - Mario Kart Style

A new game developed by a cute online racing game similar to the popular Mario Kart game but in birds eye view.

Game Play
The gameplay of Racoon Racing is easy to grasp, The game control is pretty basic, the arrow keys to move your car and the space bar to fire up a power up. The powerups gives the game extra sweetness, aside from the cuteness and all. There are different kinds of powerups that you can use in the game, some powerups are used to boost you up, others to delay your enemies.

Racoon Racing Powerups

You can get powerups by passing through this blocks that are scattered in the race track.

Types of powerups:

Puts all your enemies to sleep for a couple of seconds.

Protects you from all harm - 1 time only.

Gives you a boost of speed for a few seconds.

Gives you a total of 2 speed boost.

Seek down your opponent with this baby.

A very strong homing missile that blasts your opponent into the skies!

Throws anyone that drives through it off balance.

Land mines can temporarily shove your opponents off.

This powerup surrounds your car/hover craft with an energy bubble that disables other cars in contact.

Circuit Design
Cute and colorfull racing circuits makes the game extra enjoyable, the cute track details like boats on the beach side tracks and ice creams and gifts on the North Pole Circuits. Obstacles and Ramps are also placed in the circuits to give you extra boost or delay your racing progress.

Game Unlockables
At first, only two drivers are available to use, the cute raccoon Rocco, and the pink cat Vixen. Other drivers like Mambo the bear, Pingo the Penguin, Hudson the dog and Banzai the Panda can be unlocked by finishing several circuit cups.

More maps can also be unlocked by finishing the available tracks in easy and normal modes.

In some maps you use a race car and in some you race in hover crafts trough water.

Graphics and Sounds
The map and character design is very good considering that this is an online flash game.

The music used in the game is fun, different background music are used during the menu selection and on the race, the background music also changes when you picked and used the star powerup.

All in all this game is cute and smooth, though it slopes downwards when it comes to originality but heck?! the quality of the game makes the game worth playing!

Click here to play Racoon Racing, check out Ultimate Flash Game Archive to play free games.

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