Wednesday, April 23, 2008

EU Seeks Protection For Children From Violence In Video Games

D.C. Morales - AHN News Writer

Strasbourg, France (AHN)-The European Commission Tuesday called for stringent rules on video games to protect children from negative elements of the multibillion dollar industry.
EU Consumer Affairs Commissioner Meglena Kuneva told the European Parliament: "All consumers need clear, accurate information to make informed choices. But this is particularly about children, some of the most vulnerable consumers in society. Our clear message today is that industry and national authorities must go further to ensure that all parents have the power to make the right decisions for themselves and their child."

Among the negative influence of video games that has raised concerns among the public is the games' apparent link to aggressive behavior. A school shooting in Helsinki, Finland, in 2007 prompted some governments to ban or block video games such as "Manhunt 2".
The EU's executive arm said that 20 of the 27 EU member states now use the PEGI (Pan European Games Information) system to age-rate games, which the European Union helped to develop.

Adopted in 2003, PEGI labels provide an age rating and warnings such as violence or bad language. EU members Cyprus, Luxembourg, Romania and Slovenia have no system in place.
The commission said the video gaming industry "must invest more to strengthen and in particular to regularly update the PEGI system so that it becomes a truly effective pan-European tool," reported Agence France-Presse. The body also urged the industry to promote the PEGI system to avoid confusion caused by parallel systems and to regulate the sales of video games in shops.

A total of 15 EU nations have introduced laws concerning the sale of video games with harmful content to minors in shops. Britain, Germany, Irel

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