Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shoot those damn birds!!!

A really fun game by you play as a pissed of park statue that took revenge on birds that kept on covering him with crap.

The idea is simple, shoot all the birds flying around before the crap meter became full. The more crap you receive the faster the meter goes up!!

After a certain time the number of birds you shot down will be counted and you will be awarded with money. You can use this to buy more ammo for your gun, buy a new gun, increase your crap defense and ofcourse to clean all the crap in your stone body.

You can buy guns like shot guns or even a bazooka to punish your constipated flying friends. The levels became harder as more flying birds pass by, crows drop huge crap, sparrows like jet fighters fly around so fast then drops 3 small puddings at you... not to mention the flying ducks... huge ass flying ducks...

Try to play this free game out. Click here to play Damn Birds

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