Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tainted Kingdom

A new game from the makers of Sonny this strategic online game presents a good story about a kingdom waged in war with descent voice acting and interactive battle modes.

Game Introduction:
Dark Days have come for the kingdom of Terradar. With the recent death of the King, there have been major rifts between the Royal Family and Nobles. Bands of traitors have been created and many have left the kingdom; declaring it evil and changed.

Beneath the legendary General Sylvas, only three noble family remain, Their eldest sons acting as the Captain of the three remaining soldier companies: Matteus, Edgar Betulve, Darchael Cavalan. Three friends who fight for the same cause... but only one will find truth in the war.

Game Play
The game starts with a cool animation where Darchael Cavalan introduced himself as the new captain of one of the soldier companies. After the animation the Battle map will appear, from here the basic tutorial for battle will start.

The game play is easy to understand, all you have to do is to call on your available troops by placing them into the portal. Each portal have a cool down time of 5 seconds so make sure that you know which set of troops you call first. Like infantry first then the long range fighters and so on. You win the battle when the base HP of your enemy goes down to zero. The enemy base will be damaged when your troops reached it (The white line on the picture).

Upgrades and Infantry building are between missions, you can choose to create a farm lands where you can cultivate the lands to gain more money or expand your land to gain more population. You can also build facilities like armory and church where you can train Knights, hunters and Priest. More upgrades will be available as the game progresses.

Powerups can also be used during the battle to support for your troops. Towers can be created to delay the enemy attacks.

Sound Effects and Music
The music used in the game matches the mood of the situation, a war waged country filled with sadness where few men search for the light of victory. The sound effects used are pretty much like the one used in Sonny, battle sound effects, victory background music all of them matches the game aura.

Just one comment on the battle sustem; I noticed that your troops lines up into the enemy, its like a one on one battle between men on a troop. Long ranged attackers wont attack the enemies being attacked by the knights, I think its better if they can attack the enemies being hold of by the knights.

Overall the game looks good, the story and animation is magnificent and the game play is easy to get a hold into.

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