Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Last Stand 2 is now out!

Finally after the long wait and thinking that there may not be another sequel to this games, they are now out and available for play.

I'm talking about the release of The Last Stand 2 and Tactical Assassin 2 two of the most addicting game ever created.

The Last Stand 2
The first Last Stand game ended when a military resque chopper arrive after days of surviving hordes of attacking zombies. The story starts when our Last Stand Hero got infected devouring the soldiers who rescued him resulting for the chopper to crash. Now the lone survivor of the crash needs to reach Union City within 40 days before the Union City rescue boats leaves.

About the Game

The controls and gameplay is still the same, you control the main character with W A S D, SHIFT to change weapon, R to reload and mouse to shoot. You still have to survive the night as dozens of undead attacks your barricade.

In this release at the end of each night you can repair your barricade, search for survivors and weapons by selecting the buildings where you want to do the search, each search requires some number of hours to perform, your aim for the search is not only to look for survivors and weapons to help you out in fighting the undead, but to look for supplies so you can travel to the next town.

In your search you can also find traps like gas tanks, land mine and bear traps which you can place on the map. There are also different types of weapons that you can find, like the chainsaw, uzi, AK47, Shotgun and more... not to mention my personal favorite... the Bow!

When you acquired enough supplies, you can now travel to other towns. There's a total of 3 towns you have to pass by before Union city became accessible, its up to you if you want to travel and search other towns for more weapons and supply but be sure you have enough supplies to travel to Union City... and that you have enough time to reach it.

Different town means different background, and I must say... the backgrounds they use in this game is really good. The zombies however doesnt seem to change per town but its ok, but it really suprised because in this game, when you see a zombie carrying a weapon like a machete or an axe, kill it immediately coz if it reaches one of your survivors... the zombie will whack the survivor to death.

The game is really addicting, a bit repeatitive coz you do the same thing at different towns but the change of background and finding new weapons fixes the repeatitiveness of the game.

Check it out, click here to play The Last Stand 2 and Play free Games

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  1. The zombies however doesnt seem to change per town but its ok, but it really suprised because in this game..............
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