Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Game - Foxy Sniper Walkthrough

Ultimate Flash Game Archive and Addicting Games proudly brings Foxy Sniper- a new online sniper flash game experience.

Foxy Sniper is a fully colored non-stick sniper game with a sexy female protagonist. First released on addictingames.com, the game has over 500 thousand game plays and hosted by different online gaming portals.

There are 11 missions in this game, targeting members of an Unknown Terrorist Faction (UTF) - the first release of the game has a typo on it an has been fixed. The missions difficulty range from very easy to annoying. The most annoying mission would be the Mission 10 where you need to kill the terrorist snipers aiming at the Mayor. If you are playing this game using a dumpster type computer, make sure that you switch the quality to LOW before playing.

Foxy Sniper Mission Walkthrough

Heres a brief walktrough on how to beat the mission. Though some mission will require skills and not thinking.

Mission 1 - Mans Best Friend (very easy)
- Shoot the guy walking his dog.

Mission 2 - Drunk and Dead (easy)
- You will fail this mission if you are trigger happy. The target is the puking drunk that shows up after a few seconds. Shoot his brains out!

Mission 3 - Fast and Furious (very easy to hard)
- The difficulty of this mission depends on how well you can shoot a moving target. That target is driving a blue car. There are 2 blue cars in this mission, a sports car and a sedan. It is stated in the mission that you shoot tha man driving a blue family car, so shoot the second blue car that comes out.

Mission 4 - Hostage (moderate)
- Shoot the skyline window to distract the terrorist, when they start shooting upwards, shoot them both in the head.

Mission 5 - 9 Balls (easy - moderate)
- Shoot the terrorist playing billiards, but make sure that you shoot the standing terrorist first, coz if you shoot the others first the standing guy will run the hell out of there. If your good in shooting moving targets this will be easy.

Mission 6 - The pickup (moderate - very hard)
- If you are trigger happy you will surely fail. The terrorist will pickup a package at the boss at the 3rd floor of the building. Wait for him to get the package and go back down the elevator. The elevator will stop at the second floor where your agent is waiting (the one wearing the suit) at this point, shoot the terrorist, time it just before he walks out the elevator. The guy in the suit will pick up the package. He will exit via the fire door, you’ll get a message to start shooting. Shoot everyone and your mission will be successful.

Mission 7 - Sweaty Fatty (easy to moderate)
- Understand the briefing, there are clues in there that will help you in this mission. To make it short, all you have to do here is shoot the air vent, the airconditioning will malfunction heating the fat bastart inside. He will open the bullet proof window exposing him for the kill.

Mission 8 - Snipin and Pimpin (moderate - hard)
- There are 5 snipers in this mission, wait for them to come out and shoot them all. When you got all of them, the pimp's limousine will arrive. Shoot him!

Mission 9 - False Leads (hard-very hard)
- This time you are riding a chopper, your targets are riding a yatch bound to port Catalina. Wait for the traitor agent to arrive on a helicopter, shoot them both. Shoot the gas barrels to burn the boat. You must do all this before the boat reaches view of port Catalina.

Mission 10 - On the move (hard-extremely hard)
- Quickly shoot the snipers in this order (if you are using a dumpster type computer, make sure that you switch the quality to low.

1. Shoot the one at the top of the building.
2. Shoot the one at the window.
3. Shoot the one behind the building.
4. Shoot the one behind the tree.
5. Shoot the one hiding behind the wall at the other side of the street.
6. Shoot the one located at the very top of the tower (upper right side of the screen)

Mission 11 - Air Raid (hard)
- Kill the terrorist without alarming other terrorist... a bit hard, you need to use a bit of common sense here.

1. Shoot the electric pole to electrecute the terrorist sitting above the metal box.
2. Shoot the rope holding the logs as the walking terrorist walks to it, this will kill the walking terrorist and the one standing on top of the metal container.
3. Shoot the terrorist on the roof.
4. Shoot the terrorist on the gate.

There you have it, you beat Foxy Sniper.

Play Foxy Sniper Here

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