Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ultimate Flash Game Presents - Meat Mansion

Imagine yourself stuck in a dark and eery place, where moans echoes the dark damp room, with the smell of blood and rotting flesh drowns your senses... Imagine exploring the place... no lights... only your flashlight... imagine surviving in a place where creatures hiding in the dark corners are waiting to feast on your guts.

Ultimate Flash Game Archive and presented by Addicting Games brings you Meat Mansion - a new game where your imagination will come to reality.

You play as a man stuck inside a horrible mansion, with point and click gameplay where you try to locate items and tools to help you move along the mansion. But pointing and clicking is only half of the fun, in Meat Mansion you will also have to survive the horrors as zombies and other weird creatures are out to eat you up.

So are you brave enough to take on the adventure? Click here to play Meat Mansion
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