Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Samurai Master

Ultimate Flash Game presents a new hack and slash game - Samurai Master, an action packed game with a whole lot of blood and gore.

Slash your enemies to death, cut their heads off or cut them in half! and if you find yourself in a pinch, why not unleash your super slash and cut the heads of multiple enemies in an instant! Seems very violent eh? but really its a lot more fun than scary.

Game Plot:
1850 - Before the advent of the bakumatsu and the decline of the tokugawa shogunate, certain feudal lords were starting to gain power and declare autonomy from the imperial rule. Kyotos Daimyo ruled Kyoto with and iron-clad fist, high taxes and slavery. Koga one of the six samurai of the Daimyo chooses a different path and went on a journey toward Tokyo to report the atrocities to the Shogun.

Each stages have different backgrounds and enemies you can fight and at the end of each stage you will fight a member of the 6 Samurai, including your best friend in the game - Tsujin.

You can also upgrade your damage, increase the chances of performing a fatal attack or increase your power recovery.

Play Samurai Master now!

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