Friday, March 13, 2009

Foxy Sniper 2 Walktrough

Foxy Sniper 2! is officially out! Thanks to everyone who helped me QA the game, I would also like to thank the people from specially Joel Breton for his never ending support and helpful comments to make this game awesome.

The missions in Foxy Sniper 2 varies from simple to hard, this game is not for the trigger happy, you need brains to play this game. But if you need help in the game, here's a simple walktrough.


1. Party Daze - Wait for the blond guy to enter the third room before killing him.

2. Laundry Man - Shoot the guy wearing the spy suit - he's currently following three other guys in suit.

3. Threesome Gruesome - Wait for all three enemy agents to arrive. Then shoot the one in the car first, then shoot the others.

4. Train Pain - This mission is a bit hard, you need to shoot the third carriage with the grenade launcher. What you can do is shoot the launcher when the 2nd carriage arrives.

5. Pimp my Ride - Wait for the GREEN armored van to arrive. Shoot both tires, this will put the van out of control and fall into the cliff.

6. Fly Trap - This is not a shooting mission, your task is to control a remote controlled mosquito. Avoid bumping into the crowd or you'll lose power. Try flying on the right side of the screen, there are fewer obstacles in there. When you reach the man on the payphone, hover near him till the RECORDER bar starts filling up.

7. X Marks the Spot - Shoot the guy with the metal detector on the KNEE.

8. City Crawler - Shoot all the guards, there are 5 guards - one on the upper right of the building, one on the middle floor, another a few floors below the last guard, one on the lower right walking behind the blinds and the last one is on the lower left, his position is covered by the leaves.

9. WareHouse Warfare - Shoot all the guards, the guards will shoot back at you so shoot them fast.

10 Extra Warehouse Mission - Survive for 2:30 minutes. Your using an automatic rifle so spray bullets at your enemies. This mission is hard!

11. Dangerous Refill - Shoot the tires of the black minivan as soon as the mission starts, wait for the white van to leave the gas station, shoot the gas pump to blow it up along with the black minivan.

12. Uninvited Guest - Shoot from left to right, starting from the guard behind a huge tree. Shoot the guy up front last.

13. SnowStorm Accident - Shoot the heater exhaust, your target will come out to fetch the gas container, when he walks back towards the house shoot the gas container, it will explode burning your target and the cabin.

14. Hunting Season - This mission is really hard, now you need to shoot 5 speed boats with your RPG7. You only have 10 ammo available make sure to shoot accurately. You also need to watch out for your life since the guys on the motor boats are shooting at you... and you need to finish the mission before they reach shore in 3 minutes.

Thats it, watch the ending sequence and congratulate yourself for finishing Foxy Sniper, go checkout Foxy's room and enter secret mission codes shown on the ending screen.

I hope you'll find this guide helpful, and thank you for playing Foxy Sniper 2!

Here's a video walkthrough :)

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