Friday, July 3, 2009

Dragons Slayers

Hey guys, checkout our new game - Dragon Slayers an action packed castle defense game filled with dragons, bows and magic.

In this game you start of with 3 green dragons to shoot down with your ballista, you get coins with every dragons killed which you can use to buy different upgrades to make your defense stronger.

You start of by defeating 3 green dragons, green dragons moves slow and shoots down green stuff from its mouth that can deal 50 damage to your castle. A single arrow can kill a some dragon some - more shots are needed to take them down.

The dragons you shoot down are not made to waste either, the carcass is gathered by a hauling ship which automatically moves around the water and gathers the carcass it bumps into, each dragon carcass gives your dragons slaying army 5 food points.

Food are needed to maintain the number of men you have. If your food is less than what your troops needed, gold will be deducted from your gold stash. So, its a good idea to make sure that the hauling ship are upgraded so it could gather the food needed to keep your soldiers.

In this game you can buy upgrades such as main castle upgrades, ship crew upgrade or use your gold to hire strong mages and carpenters to help you defend your keep.

Different types of dragons will arrive as you progress through the game. Slow Green Dragons, Fast orange dragons, super fast purple dragons, strong red and blue dragons and more! So make sure your base is fully equipped to survive the dragon's brutal attacks.

You can play Dragon Slayers Flash Game here.

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