Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dragons Slayers II - Defeating the level 15th boss

Dragon Slayers II was launched yesterday and already getting over 200 thousand gameplays. I was reading the player comments at and I noticed that the players are finding it hard to defeat the first boss in Dragons Slayers II which appears at level 15.

So I prepared a brief guide on how to defeat the giant frog dragon :D

First of all, unlike Dragon Slayers I gathering food is more important. Food are deducted every round depending on the number of men working for you.

So during the first few rounds of the game make sure that your hauler collects at least 2 or 3 dragon carcasses. Do not end the round immediately, wait for the hauler to collect some food before killing the last dragon, but do not let it attack your tower.

Do not buy anything unnecessary, save your gold and upgrade your ballista to level 3

You need only upgrade it to level 3 so you can have enough money to upgrade your castle.

You should be able to upgrade your ballista before level 4. Remember to wait for your hauler to collect more food before ending each round.

After level 6 you should now have enough gold to upgrade your ballista to level 3. I managed to gather 220 food during this level. Save your gold from this point until you have enough to buy the carpenter's guild. Don't let your tower get attacked and do not waste your money buying repairs, just shoot down the attacking dragons with your ballista and wait for your hauler to gather food until you have enough gold to buy the carpenter's guild.

I was able to buy the carpenter's guild and recruit 1 carpenter at level 10. What's left now is to upgrade my castle. My tower will be repaired automatically by the carpenter so I don't have to buy repairs after the castle upgrade. Upgrade to stone castle then use your remaining gold to buy more carpenters.

Food collection will be easier when you have at least 4 carpenters, you can leave one weak dragon to attack your castle while your hauler collects all the food. Your carpenters can repair your castle quick enough that a single weak dragon cant do any harm. Keep buying more carpenters until you reach level 15 - the first boss fight.

You should have at least 14 carpenters before fighting the boss dragon. You should now be able to survive his beam attacks even if he continue firing it. But you need to watch out for the black balls, do not let your castle get rundown by them or its game over! Keep shooting at it for sometime and it will fly away - your victory.

Keep adding more and more carpenters to survive the other bosses, make sure that you keep your food inventory high to avoid upkeep penalties.

Good luck!

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