Thursday, April 1, 2010

Deep Blue Sea Game Review

The Game Equation is now following up its big hit Deep Blue Sea with a new and exciting sequel that is sure to keep you playing non-stop. 2 years after the events of its predecessor, Deep Blue Sea 2 starts off with Melissa getting a worn postcard from her sister Jessica—the main heroine of the previous installment. The message is written in secret code language that they made up when they were children and tells Melissa to go to Billinger Island. This starts off Melissa’s search for her sister as well as her new found adventure.

Deep Blue Sea 2 takes the Match-3 genre and takes it to a whole new level. It features over 200 levels of Match-3 puzzles in various places and dive spots. However, like its predecessor, it isn’t just your ordinary match to win set-up but adds a lot more depth to game play with the introduction of various artifacts spread across every level that you can salvage to get more points and finish the level. Aside from that, there are skills that you can use to help you out such as exchanging adjacent pieces even if they don’t match or making a whole row of sea critters explode. Each skill can be used many times per level depending on the types of sea creatures you match. This adds more strategy to the game since each match will not only give you points and clear up the exit but will slowly regenerate a certain skill which can make life easier for you. Of course there are more obstacles such as the chains which make that tile immovable until you make a match with it. Still, there are ways to move around this impediment by rotating your game board to make the artifact closer to the exit!

And if that wasn’t enough to keep things exciting, you now have the option to pick between different divers as you go along the game’s story line. Each diver will have their own sets of skills and attributes which can be used for different levels. After completing a level, that diver will gain experience points and, with enough experience, he or she will level up to unlock even more skills. Then there are the items which you can buy from the shop to extend your oxygen tank which serves as your timer or to destroy a 3x3 area to salvage the artifact faster.

Moreover, Deep Blue Sea 2 adds another twist to the game by incorporating Hidden Object Challenges. These are not integral to the main storyline but will give you additional items which you can use in those extremely hard levels.

The Press Demo of the game is still by far incomplete but despite that, it already shows great promise and lives up to the name of its predecessor and will probably top it. With various power-ups, the ability to rotate the game grid and an engaging storyline as well as numerous items, characters and skills to choose from, this game will certainly get you hooked as you search for Melissa’s Sister and uncover the truths behind the mysterious city of Avalon.

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  1. good games i must say that it is cool games .
    I enjoyed Deep Blue Sea 2 alot....


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