Sunday, May 2, 2010

BarnVille Massacre - Funny Game

Are you a fan of the ever popular Facebook game Farmville? Or perhaps you belong to those who hate it with a passion and would just want to shoot those annoying barn animals to kingdom come? Whichever side you are on, Barnville Massacre is a fun way to kill some free time and satisfy your need for some gun-toting action filled with flying cow meat and pig blood.

The game starts off when a meteorite falls on earth and lands on an unsuspecting barn that is very reminiscent of an ever popular farm (ville). A green explosion and ominous grinning scarecrow later, the game starts off with you as the farmer sitting on top of your barn shed with a pistol on hand. Your aim would be to defend your barn from the rampaging animals that suddenly wants revenge and destroy your barn.
Like all similar defense games, you will need to shoot incoming waves of creeps and try to survive to the next level. At first, the waves will be quite easy consisting of chickens and will progressively get harder as the game progresses.

Chickens will be simple as they only need to be shot twice. However, the next set of animals, consisting of rabbits, pigs, and goats are a bit tougher and will require more shots. Fortunately, after every level, you will be given the option to upgrade your equipments and you will acquire money from every creep that you finished off. There are four types of guns available with three of them having each an upgraded version and the last one being the ultimate gun bringing a total of 7 guns in the game. Each level of the gun varies from the next with differing power, quantity of ammo, and reloading time. Of course more expensive guns are more powerful, but the other guns are just as useful as well.

The game also features an achievement system wherein you are rewarded for certain things you have done in the game like finishing the first level which will unlock the starters award or killing of a certain number of chickens which will give you the chicken killer award. There are other achievements which you can unlock which make the game all the more thrilling.

Of course, you have the option to upgrade your barn. You can upgrade your simple barn into a farm house, barn then a mansion which will increase its HP. There are other buildings you can buy as well like the tool shed which will let you buy a carpenter or a farm tower which will let you hire Aunty. Carpenters repair any damage done to your barn while in game which makes it more cost effective then the repair option. Also, since it will regenerate you barn, even if you get hit by a stray animal, you will be able to repair the damage at once. Hiring Aunty on the other hand will give you an assistant that bombs the area with either a coconut or a watermelon—depending on the upgrade level—that can help you kill the incoming animals.

Word of advice, the game at its early stages will be fairly simple and straightforward. However, later on it’ll become much more challenging with the animals requiring more hits even with the saw gun, the strongest gun in the game. Not to mention they do a lot of damage which will certainly make your carpenters beneficial. The last boss for the game requires a lot of bullets and watermelons before it goes down and it has its own mob of crazy animals that can hurt your barn pretty much.

After defeating the last boss, the animals will go back to normal. Congratulations! Your barn is safe and you have successfully lived to tell the tale!

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