Thursday, May 13, 2010

Enigmata 2: Genu’s Revenge

If you are a big fan of the old arcade wing fighters where you blast enemy space ships to kingdom come using your own high-tech space fighter, then this game is right up your alley. It is the enigmatic—no pun intended—sequel to the space fighter game Enigmata. It features a wide array of ships, enemies, weapons, power-ups, upgrades, bosses, and achievements that will keep you playing for hours on end if you really have the time.

Enigmata 2 has a wide array of ships to choose from starting off with the three basic ships. Each ship has its own pros and cons—one has a higher shield power, the other is more heavily armored, while the last one has more energy available. They also vary in speed, maneuverability, power, and equipment capacity. This means that you can choose the ship that will fit your gameplay and can give you a unique experience while playing. As you reach new levels, you will be allowed to purchase more advanced ships. These ships are advanced versions of the three starter ships with roughly the same ratio between specs. The good thing is you can purchase more than one type so even if you got the heavy armored starter ship, you can buy both armored and high-shield versions afterwards. You just need enough money to purchase them. Money, of course, is dropped by enemies so destroy a lot of them if you want to try out all of the ships in one go.

As opposed to traditional jet fighter games, your ship does not only fire forward but can be controlled by your mouse. This gives you more maneuverability in hitting and avoiding enemy fire. You can even hit the enemies while you are behind them! Another enjoyable feature is that it has equipment and skills which you can purchase. Some add more to your firepower, while some are more defensive. Some upgrades can be used to better game play such as increasing gold produced or decreasing negative buffs that come from enemies. Skills such as stun all enemies, or remove all enemy shields are also very helpful and you will need them in the game early on to survive some levels.

But the truly amazing thing in this game is the achievement system. You gain achievements by completing certain tasks such as killing 100 enemies, or obtaining a certain amount of gold. Some achievements are easy while some are hard, others are tricky while others are just plain hilarious—like the non-random achievement which is given to you at random. Unlike other games where the achievements are merely trophies, in this game each achievement will give you an award of gold giving you extra cash. Also achievements are also used to unlock better skills and equipments since you will have to spend achievement points to gain access to better gear.

Also there are missions that you can get in game which, when completed, will give you more gold. Missions are usually destroying certain number of enemies. Fortunately, you can repeat levels after finishing them which will give you the chance to complete all of the quests.

Enemies are also varied from normal shooting ships, to heavily shielded ones, those that can teleport around the screen, and those that have superior fire-power. Bosses are also challenging with different skills, attack patterns and techniques. These make the game not only challenging but extremely enjoyable as well.

To help you along the way, there will be power ups that you can pick up while fighting. These range from extra shields, to armor, to energy, to weapon upgrades, and to missiles. Be wary though, not all bonuses in the field are helpful, some bonuses with x-marks on them will give you a negative effect such as stunning your ship, or making it harder to control.

So if you have a lot of free time on your hands, or would just simply want to play an exciting space fighter game, then this one is perfect for you. Be wary though, if you are an obsessive-compulsive type of person that would want to clear a game with all of the secrets and achievements unlocked, expect massive hours of playing this game. Fortunately, the more you play it, the more enjoyable it becomes.

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