Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hotel City – Facebook Game Review

So have you gone tired planting your crops in your farm or waiting for your dishes to be cooked in your café? Or perhaps you’re already bored of fighting other mafia and doing Mafioso jobs? Then perhaps the new entry to Facebook’s ever growing list of games would spur your interest?

Hotel City is a new game by Playfish, the game developer that brought you Restaurant City and the ever-cute Pet Society. This game lets you simulate what it is like to run your own hotel akin to what Restaurant City is to a restaurant. Sure you may not really be running the Hotel per se, but where’s the fun in that?

Hotel City allows you to customize your own hotel, build hotel rooms, and function rooms, and decorate it as you please. You can also hire your friends to work for you; remember a hotel cannot be run by only one person.

So how do you start things up? First of all, and this one is quite obvious, you would need to have a facebook account. Go to the application and allow it and you are now ready to start your game. Choose a cool name for your hotel, but don’t worry if you don’t like the initial name you gave your hotel, you can change it afterwards anyway.

Now you have complete control over your hotel. You can add more rooms since more rooms equates to more customers. You must also buy functional rooms such as gyms, diners, and bars which will add to your revenue. Buy a cleaning closet first since you will really need it. This will allow you to clean up dust and dirt that accumulates in your rooms. As you level up, the customers will be asking for more function rooms or else they will leave. Also, another exciting feature of the game is that you can hire employees. You can choose not to but they will cost more wage than by hiring friends.

Once you are happy with the look of your hotel, you can begin earning money by clicking the start shift at bottom left of the screen. You will then be asked how long you want the shift to run as well as how much you are willing to pay. After that, all you have to do is sit back and relax and wait for the shift to be over. Just be sure to remember to comeback after the time to restart the shift again.

As of now, the game still has limited features, but since it is still in its beta phase, this is to be expected. However, so far, things look promising for the game and will certainly become a hit. So if you want to have a head start now before the game becomes very popular, here are some tips and strategies you can do to level up fast:

1.Hire friends as employees - This couldn’t be stressed enough. Having friends instead of temporary employees can do a lot for you since you will be paying less for the wages. Also, this is a good chance to get them to sign up for the game and become you neighbor.

2.Have lots of neighbors – In connection to number 1, having lots of neighbors is also beneficial. You can visit you friend’s hotels everyday and you can get money in doing so. Just visit their front desks and you will see a bag of coins which is up for grabbing.

3.Always log-in when the shift is over – Each shift will last for hours depending on how long you chose it. Schedule the ends of shifts at times that you know you can log in. This will keep the money flow constant.

4.Click on the sleeping customers - Sometimes when you click on them you will get extra cash. However, not all of them will give you cash and which customer gives you is random.

5.Always decorate – Decorate your hotel rooms to gain more profits. Sometimes the customers themselves will ask for room decorations and without them, they might just leave. Spend most of your cash on decorating your room. Not only will it be fun to do and make you hotel unique, it will also give you more revenue.

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