Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pixel Legion – Tactical Warfare Game

Are you one of those people that enjoy Chess, Game of the Generals, Shogi, and other strategy board games? Do you enjoy playing tactical warfare games and planning out how to do a siege and flank an opposing enemy? Then perhaps Pixel Legion is a game right up your alley.

This game is designed to simulate a tactical warfare wherein you order troops—or in this case, pixels—around the battle field and try to outwit and outnumber the opposing base camp. In this game, you own a base camp that continually produces troops/pixels which you use to attack an opposing team. The more troops you send out, the better your chances are for defeating the enemy. By defeating the enemies base camp, you win the game; therefore, you must also defend your base camp and not let it get besieged by enemy troops lest you want to lose.

However, quantity along does not decide the outcome of your battle. Positioning also comes in to play: when you attack an enemy from both sides, you gain the advantage and will be able to destroy them much faster. However, keep in mind that the enemy can and will also use this method against you; therefore you must always be on the move and keep your enemy pressured.

The game’s first few levels will act as tutorials to introduce you to the games concepts and tactical strategies. There are a lot more strategies that you can use like using buildings as hiding point or using towers as power-ups.

And if you think the game will get repetitive after a while, guess again. After a few levels, you will be facing off against not just one opponent but two, three and even up to eight for a massive free-for-all battle that will test you strategies to its limits. You have to have the right mix of offensive and defensive maneuvers in order to win.

And if that doesn’t challenge you, you there are still even more obstacles to face such as rivers which can either make your troops move faster or slower depending on the current. Position your base camp wisely and you will have an easier time defending and attacking. Likewise, a bad position can likely get you killed faster.
And if that wasn’t enough, you’d soon have to face hordes of enemies.

And battle the “King” and usurp the throne. After that, you’ll soon be facing 2 on 1 battle types and 3 on 1’s and a very difficult four against one battle with you at a terrible disadvantage. You will have to use all of your strategies and techniques to become triumphant.

All-in-all, it’s a good strategy flash game that will test your mind and skills. Albeit, it’s a little short and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it’ll become easy to win, it is still a very enjoyable flash game. Test your brain’s mettle and see if you have what it takes to command your pixel legion to victory.

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