Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dungeon Village - Once you start you can never stop!

Dungeon village is a nice little game that was surprisingly very addictive. Your aim is to manage and a small town and make it grow into a successful kingdom where adventurers can rest their tired bodies, purchase weapons for their adventure and finally build their own home.

You start the game with only a few buildings, an Inn a couple of food shops and a weapon shop. You first task is to build a armor shop a pixelated helper will guide you every step of the way until you are familiarized with the controls and what you have to do in the game.

After a while adventurers will start coming into the village, you can follow the adventurers and watch them slay monsters and earn gold. Each gold the adventurer earns adds up to your income pool. You can use the gold to purchase more and more buildings and village beautification stuffs.

Village beautification stuffs are different type of decorations that you place next to a facility to give it a boost. During the early stages of the game,it is recommended that you increase the amount of gold per stay in the inn. Since adventurers during this early stage of the game doesn't have their own houses, they will always stay in the inn to recover. Place decorations around the inn to increase its rent value and quality, this will give you ample money that you will need in the future.

There are many adventurers that visits you town. One very interesting thing about the adventurers are their names.  The adventurer names are pun of actual game characters. Here are some of he adventurers and their names ( Thanks to for the info)

  • John Dungeon: John Doe, generic name.
  • Clown Stripe: Cloud Strife, protagonist of Final Fantasy 7
  • Lance Alot: Lancelot, knight of Arthurian legend.
  • Donkey Hotty: Don Quiote, protagonist of The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha
  • Gilly Gamesh: Gilgamesh, hero of Mesopotamian mythology.              
  • Seffy Roth: Sephiroth, antagonist, Final Fantasy 7
  • Stumblemore: Dumbledore, sub character, Harry Potter series.
  • Frod Biggins: Frodo Baggins, major character, Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • Chung Lailai: Chun Li, major character, Street Fighter series
  • Harry Gorn: Aragorn, major character, Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • Bamza Reoulv: Ramza Beoulve, protagonist, Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Voldy Moore: Voldemore, antagonist, Harry Potter series
  • Hartley Potler: Harry Potter, protagonist, Harry Potter series
  • Sam Ganges: Samwise Gamgee, main character, Lord of the Rings trilogy
Aside from killing monsters outside the village, you can also pick quest for the adventurers to finish. Questing in Dungeon Village is very important as you can get a lot of great items that are added to your shops that you can purchase to make your adventurers stronger and happy  as well. 

There are three different types of quest: Dungeon exploration, Monster slaying and Boss fights. Dungeon explorations is where you can get loots and equipments. Monster slaying are quest where you need to fight a group of monsters, very good for your adventurers to get experience.

Boss! Cute boss!

Boss fights, if you are new to the game, boss fight seems to be hard, your adventurers keeps on getting 1 hit KO'd and you will have to extend the amount of time needed for the quest. The trick here is to get your adventurers equipments updated as possible. Make sure to upgrade the shops to earn as much gold as you can from them so you have enough funds to buy equipments and pay for the upkeep as well.

My qualms about this game is that items that are found by the adventurer during a dungeon run if the item was found for the first time, you can give the item to the adventurer for free. However when the item was found again for the second time it will not be free and you have to purchase that same item on the store. This is a pain specially if you already have many adventures to take care of. You want the best gears on all your adventurers to make sure that they can finish a quest fast.

All in all, Dungeon village is a really fun and entertaining game that can get you hooked for hours. I need to charge my phone (a Sony Experia) because I cannot stop from playing the game. There are more depth into the game than other management games out there and seeing your adventurers level up as you play the game the same time as your village grows.. The game ends after 14 years in-game time but you can still continue the game if you haven't acquired all the items and adventurers yet, giving Dungeon Village a very good replayability. 

On my first play through I was not able to reach 5 stars and it took my 19 years before I build a castle. On my second play in 12 years I was able to complete the game.

I highly recommend this game to everyone who loves this type of game. Dungeon Village gives a new face in management games making this game truly worth the money.


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