Friday, November 30, 2012

Hate bugs? Love Engage!

A brand new game by and developed by FlyAnvil. An intense first person shooter with style! You play a part of combat mission investigating an island filled with huge flying bugs! The game starts with the actual gameplay but with your character already using a kick-ass Gatling gun. However the swarm was so massive the insects overwhelms you and suddenly you woke up! Cut-scene... a very unique looking cut-scene, the lighting, shading and animation is very well done and gives the game more sinister and mysterious feeling.

The game starts with a training session where you get the feeling of controls in the game. Mission objectives are written and spoken as well, the voice talent in the game is really good and gives the game more depth. On your missions you carry different types of weapons in the game, in the early stages you have an automatic rifle, a handgun, a knife. You also carry a medkit and a grenade. One unique thing about this game is the automatic weapon switching,  its very cool coz it keeps you on shooting without having to worry about losing offense as the game automatically switch your weapons while your other weapons are reloading. The only downside to this is that you cannot strategically pick the order of weapons to use. The only strategic pick that the game does is change to a knife when insects are sucking on your face.

The game gets harder and harder as you  progress as the number of attacking insects adds up. Another thing I like in the game was the style of combat. In this online shooter, you are not just staying in one location. The game always starts with the player running on a huge field filled with lovable man eating bugs. Though you are not really going anywhere as you do not control the movement, but the effect of running around the field of silhouette trees and grass gives the missions a good heart pumping feeling and commencement.

Upgrades are also available in the game and each gun upgrade becomes available once you reach a certain level. Strong guns have higher reload time than weaker guns to balance it out. It may seem a bit repetitive but the new guns that you acquire gives the game a new spice.

Boss fights are also present in this game, where you need to kill this humongous bugs, its just a matter of surviving the attack since there is no way to parry or avoid the attacks. All in all this game is solid and I recommend this to all FPS shooter lovers out there. The quality is good, the sound is good, the gameplay is crazy! Maybe a bit repetitive but the weapons will give you something to look forward to. So its a very good idea for them to show that kick ass Gatling gun during the game intro coz it made me continue playing.

You can play the game here check it out and let me know what  you think!


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