Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Minecraft playing experience

I've been messing around with minecraft for some time now, I was only free version and I play the game single player mode only. I was skeptical in playing the game first because the graphics seems to BOXY for me. The first thing I did in the game like almost all the players was to dig a block of dirt.  I dug a lot of dirt and somehow I became addicted with the random minecraft background music, the number of dirt keeps on piling and then I notice it seems to be getting darker.

So I then found out that the game has a day and night cycle! Cool! and  so it was dark.. what now? I cannot see my self digging dirt and then I heard it... the distant growl.. it sounded like my stomach when I'm super hungry. So I just keep on digging, I was actually digging the outer layer of the dirt and not digging down coz I'm scared.. that time.

Then suddenly a green thing  walks over to my and BOOM! What the hell just happened! I died for some reason and its morning again and all the dirt I collected was lost. So I did it again, I collected dirt and then I accidentally clicked the right mouse button and 1 of the dirt was placed in front of me! I was soooo amazed to the fact that I can build things with dirt! I started building  towers, died a couple of times falling to my death. Then I learned how to craft and things started to get more interesting.

I learned alot of things in mine craft and so my minecraft projects got more serious and ambitious. So I made this castle.. its not too big but I like what I did.

It has its own rail way system, the castle is floating I just did not show it, no cheats everything in here was manually mined. Especially the ship! I remember growing trees in the ship so I do not need to go far and collecting the wool to do the sail?? oh my god that was sooooo hard!!!

Anyway hope you like the game as well as I did! If you haven't played Minecraft then I highly recommend playing it. But make sure your computer is powerful enough to play the game.


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