Thursday, November 29, 2012

Team Fortress - Mann VS Machine!

After a very long day of working here in the studio we decided to take some break and play Valve's  Team Fortress - Mann vs Machine. We haven't played this game for ages and it was really nice to once again go back and kill hordes of machines!

In case we have readers here who are not familiar with the game, Team Fortress 2 is a first person multi-player shooter developed by Valve and is free to download and play via steam. They launched the game years ago and still have massive numbers of player today.

Mann VS Machine is a new game mode that Valve introduce into the game on August 2012. It is similar to a Tower Defense game where you need to defend your base from attacking enemies but instead of putting up towers, you and your five friends fend of enemies with your selected Team Fortress character.

The enemies in this mode are Robot versions of the TF2 characters with a couple of different enemies namely the Tank and the Sentry Buster. You can upgrade your characters in this mode and you can change characters per wave, but it is much wiser to stick into one character or save up your cash and only spend it on your end game character.

This mode is super fun! Though because of the limited number of players that can play (only 6) the servers hosting the game is practically clogged up! I never played the game online before. We were only able to play the game on LAN.

There are different maps to choose from, some are easy some are hard to defend. We just finished playing and we cant seem to finish the 2nd map! Maybe bec we stick on characters we want to experiment in using rather than stick with characters more appropriate for the level.

Sentry Buster, a huge walking bomb ready to destroy engineer sentries!

The game is really fun to play, it got us hooked the first time we played it. Its not too easy and not frustrating as well. Another game that I highly recommend!


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