Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Terraria from "duh" to "awesomeness!"

Whenever I sign-in on my steam account to check out new games to play there is one particular game that seems to keep on nudging me to check out - Terraria. The game icon looks cool, retro looking, low level pixel art style, in a way I'm not really that convinced to purchase the game. So I checked out the video and gameplay screenshots, my first reaction was.. duhhh its just a side scrolling minecraft. WTF! How can I build a humongous castle with a side scroller? doiiing!

Then one of my friends bought the game, and he recommended the game but I said - "You just keep on playing it first" then my other friends seems to also have downloaded the game. They told me its awesome so to get them off my back I downloaded the game.

When I started the game I actually expected a "minecraft like" controls, I dug around, collect some wood but when I tried to craft I did not understand how it works! Its not like mine craft where you drag materials to craft but that is what I've been trying to do. Then night came.. and a bunch of zombies attacked me and a small eye monster killed me... so I said to myself.. boring game! so I ditched the game.

The game was so damn boring at first I ditched it!

After a few weeks my office friends was playing something, apparently they are fighting each other on some game and they are all pretty excited playing.. But I don't see any crosshairs, gun fire or any indication that they are playing a FPS. They my friend told me they are playing Terraria. I was surprised  I said really!? you can fight each other in that game? Only one of my friend have already finished most of what the game has to offer and most of them are only having their double jump equipments and rocketboots. So when they fight, they are actually fighting 3 vs 1, they told me its like a boss fight since the high level character already have max life, mana and is already equipped with the strongest and coolest weapons and armor in the game! Not to mention his character is already FLYING! I was like O.O!! That was soo freaking awesome!

So I vowed to become strong in this game and beat the boss! I went back into playing the game, I easily got over the boring hours of poorness and I totally forgot about comparing the game to minecraft for many reasons.

1. Different weapons to craft!
2. I get scared going down to hell
3. Magic! I can do magic!
4. Epic boss fights!
5. Goblin Army Attack!!!!

From the boring dirt digging character above to an uber insane killer rainbow disc throwing ninja from hell!

1. Different weapons to craft - Tons of weapons can be crafted using the materials you can find during your digging and exploration. It takes a lot of time to complete each armor set but it is worth while. Progress is slow if you do not know what to look for and what exactly to do. But with the help of online wiki's I was able to squeeze all the info need for me to craft the best item in the game possible!

2. I get scared going down to hell - When I saw lava glowing underground I know that I'm in for a lot of trouble. Actually I was trying to find diamonds which do not exist in this game ^_^. I eventually reached an area with vines of lava in the background and demons and burning bats trying to kill me. It was so scary at first because all I have then to defend myself was a pickaxe. It was a lot of fun but I cannot go back because I don't have the grapple then and it was late when I figured out that it was very important.

3. TONS OF SUPER MAGIC! bouncing balls of green fire! magic balls that you can control! Not to mention the purple sperms that you can conjure to attack lady monsters! LOL!

Magical sperm attack!

4. Epic boss fights! - The first time I summoned the giant eye freak I was sooooo scared! I was always killed until I realized its all about the terrain, so I made a cool area just to fight bosses that are fast and pops out in any direction. You can do it too! Using wooden planks


If the eye comes different direction you can just jump up and down this planks without worrying of losing ground! Genius eh?

5. Goblin Army Attack!!!! - This is one of the events in the game that caught me off guard. One thing is my character is inside my fortress and I was out in the shower when this happened. What do I see when I returned? GOBLINS! Lots and lots of them and a million tombstones! Hahaha I died so many times when I was in the shower. Unfortunately Goblin magicians can teleport inside your house and kill you! So when I died I returned to my check point which is just outside the house and there... total infinity kill! I cannot imagine how hard I fought I thought the event was endless and I died so many times and it was exciting! What more I got tons of gold when I killed all the goblins and found cool usefull loots like the spikeball!

All in all the game was not what I expected it to be, its not pure mining but more of mining, crafting and action! Its really fun and I recommend this to all you guys out there!

By the way, I did said that you cannot do awesome stuff in Terraria like castles and all that kind of things.. well check this out! I found these on the web and they are all awesome!

Terraria is going to be available in consoles check this out


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