Sunday, December 2, 2012

Demons having fun! Hell Archery review and walkthrough!

This is a walkthrough review on our first sponsored game - Hell Archery. The game is developed by developer of the Sniper Assassin series and many more games. The game is all about a bored demon, assigned to guard the lava pools where souls are tortured by having them burn in lava for eternity. Apparently, this task is waaaay to boring for our little demon hero. A sudden burst of lava suddenly erupted sending the souls flying everywhere. This gave the bored demon an idea! He grabbed his bow and arrow and starts the fun!

Check out our nifty logo in this fun game! Cool huh!?

The game is a casual shooter where you have to shoot the required number of souls using your bow and arrow to pass a level. You only given 1 minute to reach the target number of hits or its game over! On each level, new souls are introduced, souls that can help you gain more points, make shooting easier or penalize you.

There are different type of souls to shoot in this game.

1. Normal souls - These are the normal souls without any glow, shooting them will give you 1 kill point.
2. Evil souls - These are souls of people who done all deadly sins! These souls glows red and give s you 2 kill points.
3. Saints - These are souls that was sent to hell by mistake, killing these souls gives you 1 kill point but deducts 1 life. Souls of this type glows white.
4. Archers - I guess these are souls of fallen archers...  Shooting this souls will increase the number of arrows that you shoot from 1 to 3 for a limited time. Souls of this type glows green.
5. Freeze - I guess this are souls of people who was killed eating too much ice cream LOL. These souls glows blue. Shooting them will freeze the timer for a few seconds giving the players more time to reach the level goal.
6. Muti-colored blinking souls - These are souls of people who committed suicide. Because they committed suicide they are given the worst treatment. These souls explodes upon contact, souls affected by the explosion also explodes making a chain reaction of hell explosions! Saints killed by explosion will not deduct life points to the hero.                                       

I like the way tutorials are presented in this game. Instead of having a separate window to show tutorials, which are not really read by the players, the tutorials popsup in the first few levels forcing the players to at least read the first few sentences of the tutorial before continuing into the game.

The only obstacles in the game are Saints that will deduct 1 life from you when shot and the Burst of Fire
a sudden burst of  a pillar flames that blocks your shooting path. Shooting into the flames will turn your arrows to ash.

The game have simple controls to play. You just need your mouse to play the game. Aim your mouse using the custom arrow mouse pointer and release to shoot.

Compete with your friends and get the highest scores! Highscores are logged via mochi highscores and Kongregate highscores at Kongregate!

You can play the game here

Hell archery game

Hi highscore is 50400 can you beat my highscore?


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