Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dance Central Xbox dancing fever!

I recently got an Xbox with Kinect after weeks of deciding if I should buy one. The only reason I want to buy the Xbox is because I wanted to dance and get my butt moving. When I got the Xbox from the store I also planned on getting the coolest dancing game available so I immediately looked for Dance Central 2. I'm not really a noob when it comes to dancing games.I played Bust a Groove in PS1, Dance Dance Revolution, Just Dance for Wii and now Dance Central 2.

What I really like about Dance Central apart from the awesome graphics and good amount of songs in the play list - it was the moves! The moves for beginners like me are very easy to follow and you wont look dumb dancing them. I recall myself playing Dance Revolution in the arcade before, I'm not really a pro so I bet I really look ridiculous while playing that game. In Dance Central the moves are realistic, modern and cool. You can even use the dance moves in the real world and you will not look stupid.

I played Dance Central for an hour and a half until I got all sweaty and tired, but I did turned off the camera thing so I don't have to do random dancing moves and watch my self on screen.I recommend this to all gamers, this is a good game to get your body moving while playing the game and you will also learn a number of good moves that you can use in the real world dance floor.

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