Saturday, March 22, 2014

Brave Frontier - Addicting Turn based battles with awesome set of characters

Brave Frontier, a new mobile game by Gumi Mobile is a FREE mobile RPG available on both Android and iOS devices. The game was introduced to me by a friend and being a fan of japanese RPG's (Final Fantasy, Lufia, Breath of Fire etc) I downloaded the game without second thought, and I'm glad I did because I've been playing the game everyday since then.

Starting your Brave Frontier Adventure

You start the game by selecting a hero, which all looks cool. Each hero differs on elemental attributes, initially you can select heroes with Thunder, Fire, Earth and Water element. Each element is stronger or weaker against another element. Thunder is stronger than water but weak against Earth, Earth is strong against thunder but weak against fire etc.

 Then comes a lengthy but very rewarding tutorial that teaches you all the game basics, doing the tutorial even though you really don't have a choice will award you with 1 FREE RARE summon, 3 gems and a Metal God. What the hell are they? Gems are the special game currency used to refill your energy, revive your team when you got OWNED in battles and most important of all, gems are used to SUMMON RARE and AWESOME units! Metal Gods are special monsters that gives your units HUGE amount of experience during fusion. Yep in this game, the only way to levelup your units is to fuse them with other units.

Game Play
Brave Frontier's gameplay is not like traditional RPG's where you roam around the world map, walk around towns and talk to NPC's. In this game you move from different area by tapping on the location, sounds boring... nope its genius. This is a mobile game and by doing this,  you can play the game with one hand only (If you are using an iphone ofcourse).

Managing your team
You get to control up to 5 units per squad, and create up to 10 different squads. It's up to you to choose your squad members and with all the different units in this game, the squad combination you can do is endless.

However, choosing the right units on your squad is a very important. Usually it depends on your quest, there are quests in the game that would be easier if you have a squad composed of units with a specific element or a MONO element squad but having a versatile or a RAINBOW squad is also very important. The game wiki has a very good information regarding the game units and squad management.

My Main Squad
Above is a screenshot of my current squad I still don't have enough units to for a MONO light squad.
I'm planning to create a strong MONO light and dark squad to kick ass in the arena.

Battle System
Brave Frontier's battle system is easy to understand. The game employs a turn based battle system where your squad fights against a group of units or a single boss unit. You will have six characters in a battle, with your friend or another player owning the 6th member of your squad. Usually I pick the strongest character or a strong healer for my 6th character.

To start battling, tap a unit to have them attack a random enemy, usually the one in the middle. Or to attack a specific enemy, tap the enemy you wanted everyone to attack and tap on your units to start whaling at the unfortunate foe.

As your units attack, Brave Burst and heart crystals are randomly dropped by your enemy. Building your Brave Burst to full will let your characters unleash their Brave Burst or Special attack. When the BB gauge is full, tap and hold the unit with the glowing Brave Burst and SWIPE UP. Brave Burst can target a single enemy or a whole party depending on the character, some BB either gives your party buffs or heals you up.

Winning a battle will net you experience, zel, drop crafting items and sometimes units for you to use as a fusion/evolve ingredient or keep as one of your squad member.

Quest are the main adventure system of the game. Performing and finishing quest will earn you experience, units, resources and gems! You can also follow the game story by performing quests. I will write more details regarding quests on a separate post.

The game is available on both iOS and Android devices, I highly recommend this game to everyone who loves playing RPG's and cute characters. With addicting gameplay, very cute characters  and cool sounds I give this  game 4.5 stars. Its also worth noting that the developers takes cares of their players really well. It is the first game that I played that they give players cool stuff because they did some server maintenance. Other games doesn't even care. 

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  1. Great game! Started it play last week. It's so beautifully made, from characters to nature, a pure old-school RPG to enjoy! Recommended to every classic style rpg fans :)

    Thanks for sharing!



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