Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tappy Bird Defense - New mobile addicting game

Tappy Bird Defense is a new game available for download on Google Play. The game is a fun and addicting parody of the Flappy Bird games available in EVERYWHERE. The mechanic is very simple, as the title and game icon implies,  you have to tap the birds to kill and prevent them from passing by the pipes with the sign that read No Birds Allowed!

The game start's off slow with only a few birds to whack and picks up a notch as the level increases. The most fun part of the game is when the FAT BIRD ALERT suddenly appears, signaling the arrival of the Boss. A huge, cute chubby bird with enormous HP that you will have to kill by continuously Whacking it with your fingers. Killing the chubby bird will award you with a fat sum of 20 coins (No pun intended).                                                    

There are 5 different birds in the current version of the game

1. The normal bird - these are the birds that first shows up in the game.
2. The tough bird - these are red birds with HUGE chin like lower beak. 
3. The fast bird - birds that suddenly zooms across the screen. Easily killed but very fast.
4. The pelican - blue birds that regurgitate a small flying fish when killed. 
5. The fat bird (Boss) - Appears every 6 levels, have huge amount of HP and will instantly end the game if not dealt with.

Aside from tapping the birds, you also need to tap the coins that are dropped by the birds. Collecting enough coins will allow you to purchase upgrades that will help you go further into the game.

You have to be wise on how you spend your coins though as upgrades are quite expensive.

There are 3 upgrades available in the game
1. Tap Power - Increase tapping power.
2. Shock Wave - Randomly causes a shockwave that will damage surrounding birds.
3. Coin Turtle - A cute little helper that will collect coins for you.

The game is addicting and a fun way to pass time, you can post your score on facebook and challenge your friends. This game is recommended to all ages. Download Tappy Birds Defense now!

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