Monday, November 3, 2014

Depth: Man Vs Shark game

Depth is a new PVP multiplayer game on Steam where you play either as a diver or a man eating 20ft Great White Shark.

In Depth there are two teams which consist of 2 great whites and 4 gold greedy divers fighting against each other. The objective of the divers is to gather the treasure found at the bottom of the sea and as a shark, your job is to stop the divers by killing them all off.

For the divers to gather gold, they need to protect a small robot named STEVE who drills into the safes in the wreckage, if STEVE is destroyed the game is over. Fortunately STEVE is no push over, rarely does the Sharks focus on destroying STEVE, most of the time Sharks lurks around killing divers. This pretty much sums up the gameplay.

Though the gameplay may seem simplistic, counter strike-ish and Call of Duty-ish with sharks, the overall atmosphere and unique feel of the game makes it up for it. The game  graphics are dark, eery and atmospheric. You can hardly see a thing out there being underwater and all. Under water objects and characters are very much detailed up close, but you may not be able to appreciate this all due to the fast gameplay. The game sound is also kept to a minimum with only heartbeat and beeps from radars and sonar, which really gives more tension into the game as your player heart beats gets stronger whenever there is a shark lurking near you and you don't know where it will attack.

You can buy better guns as the game progresses making it harder for sharks to attack forcing sharks to rely on stealth and team work to much the divers. You can play this game for hours and not be bored because you'll unlock some really useful stuff each time you level up.

Hopefully the developers behind the game adds more features and fun game modes to keep the game interesting. There is a lot of game modes that can be added in the game as the environment is unique as compared to other FPS. They can also add more shark species or even add a Megalodon VS humans and great whites! Imagine the divers and sharks teaming up to take down a HUGE ANCIENT MEGALODON MONSTER!

I highly recommend the game. The game offers a fun fast phased multiplayer action with very unique theme making it worth buying. Pick it up on steam now!

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