Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ninjump Dash - Real time multiplayer running game.

Ninjump Dash is a new game by Backflip studios, the creator of Dragon vale and Ninjump.  Ninjump Dash is a Mario Kart style multi-player racing where you try to beat other ninja's to the finish line while getting powerups to help you punish your opponents even more. One big difference with Mario Kart though was your not on a race track but on the roof of houses and other Japanese themed infrastructure... and you play as a ninja.

The game was very enjoyable especially since its multiplayer and you know that you are competing with other players in the world. There are different powerups in the game that you can randomly get from floating golden boxes during the race.

Rocket - Homing rocket that will follow the nearest opponent in front of you.
Shuriken - Basic projectile, will hit an opponent in front of you.
Punch box - A very annoying trap that will knock you back. If placed stragetically like in he corners of pit falls it will certainly ruin your race.
Slow Time - Slows down time for your opponents.
Portal - A very annoying powerup which switches position between you and the player who shot this annoying projectile. I was victimized by this several times, me running in first place when suddenly... BAM! I'm switched to 4th! #&@#(*!
Shield - Protects you from everything.
Speed up - Gives you a huge boost of speed for a few seconds. Very good powerup to have during start of the race.

The game also feature different cute costumes which you can buy with gold won in the race.

I highly recommend that you try this game out, it is a fun past time game if you are craving for a quick multiplayer action.

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